Rathgael Gymnastics and Tumbling Club Registration Form 20/21

FILMING & PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES – CONSENT TO USE IMAGES AND / OR WORDS In accordance with data protection regulation, it is necessary to obtain your written consent to use your image or words for the purpose of promoting the club. We may use your photograph, film and words for the purposes of promotion, education and development of the club/sport. These images and words may be used to publicise events, in newspapers and presentations, magazines and other media platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), information leaflets and electronic newsletters.

COMMUNICATION: I agree for the club to contact me via telephone, message or email to send me club news and information about gymnastics activities. MEDICAL TREATMENT/FIRST AID: I agree to emergency medical treatment or first-aid, which in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner or first aider is necessary. I also understand that should such a situation arise; all reasonable steps will be taken to contact an emergency contact. CONDUCT: I confirm that I am aware of the club’s code of conduct and anti-bullying policy and understand and agree to my responsibilities in connection with these policies. FEES: All fees (including Club Membership and British Gymnastics Insurance) must be settled by the due date before any training is undertaken. Gymnasts may not be permitted into the class if fees are outstanding. Membership fee and classes booked and cancelled by members are forfeited and regrettably no refunds can be given. Subject to applicable laws and in accordance with The Competition and Markets Authority guidelines; all Membership Fees, Scheduled Class Fees and any other service which has been paid for are non-refundable. Should any situation arise where access to the Club, classes or services are limited by Government Intervention due to a Pandemic or for any other reason; membership fees and contracts may be frozen at the discretion of the Club for the duration of such limitation. Rescheduling of paid terms, classes and services will be done in a fair and equitable manner once the limitation has been lifted at the discretion of the Club. DECLARATION: I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, I /my child is physically fit and healthy and am aware of no other information which needs to be considered in advance to ensure that I /they can participate safely in gymnastics activity. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, all information provided on this form is accurate, and that I will undertake to advise the club of any changes to this information. I confirm that I have read the notice and terms on this form and accept them.

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