KinderGym is a structured pre-school gymnastics class for children aged 3-5 years and follow the British Gymnastics Rise Programme.

Classes are 45 minutes and are designed to learn through play and enhance emerging gymnastics skills with continuous development of motor skills and confidence.  Improving co-ordination, agility and balance.



KinderGym classes promotes:


– Following directions by teaching to follow multi-stepped directions. 

– Following rules by explaining the rules of how we keep ourselves safe. It places an importance on the concept of personal safety that is relevant for life.

– Patience

– Persistence. Gymnasts must try to achieve even the simplest of skills which teaches children to stay with an activity until it’s completed.

– Discipline. Combining listening, respect for rules and patience leads to discipline.   When a child has the basics of discipline, self-discipline is the next step: the ability to self-regulate behaviour.

– Coordination. Gymnastics is the basis of all sports.

– Resilience by encouraging the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

– The value of effort.

– Self-confidence.